Our underlying vision is to cultivate a new generation of church and faith-based leaders who strive for administrative excellence as they advance the spiritual and social mandates of the Christian religious tradition. Our overarching mission is to strengthen the community by strengthening the church.  It is our belief that one of the best ways to reduce crime, eradicate poverty, empower the disenfranchised, impact lives and transform communities is to work through the church.  However to accomplish this task, we need to first of all strengthen the church. The Center for Clergy & Church Support does this by strengthening the sustainability and performance of the churches and faith-based organizations we serve to achieve life-changing results for those that they are called to serve.

Our partnership model - up to 350 hours per organization - results in stronger churches and faith-based organizations and significant lasting benefits for the individuals and communities they serve.  We provide our transformative services at no cost because the small churches and faith-based organizations we work with are critical to their communities and could not otherwise afford it.

Each year the Center for Clergy & Church Support strategically selects promising small churches, with membership less than 500, and faith-based organizations through a rigorous vetting process. Once selected, we work with each partner to build a clear strategy, set priorities, and identify how to measure and increase their impact. Through weekly eight-hour coaching sessions, we work with each organization's leadership to develop a detailed work plan that prioritizes objectives and responsibilities. Every partnership is tailored to the needs of that specific organization.  Some of the services we provide include:


Through skill enhancement seminars, workshops and administrative technical assistance, The Center continues its commitment to help ensure that the most important institutions within the community are equipped with the fiscal and human resources to sustain and strengthen the community.

Our tailored-made seminars and workshops address a broad range of complex issues that church leaders and faith-based, nonprofit executives face on a daily basis.

Even after they graduate from the Center, our partners continue to receive skills-based training, peer learning opportunities, and pro bono support through our alumni network - a vibrant, collaborative web of organizations connected by geography, purpose, and their work with the Center.